We are a nondenominational Christian family, spirit-filled church, that strives to do all to bring our families (both church & home) to a place of stability (healthy). To reach out to our community and the farthermost parts of our world. Drawing them in because of our ability to help in every aspect of life and beyond.


1. We believe the Bible. 2 Tim 3:16-17

A. It is all inspired by God both Old and New.
B. It is ALL true even the miracles
C. The Bible is the first & final authority.

2. We believe in Salvation by grace Eph 2:8-9

A. You can’t work to get saved.
B. You can’t work to stay saved.
C. You will work because you are saved. Jas. 2:18

3. We believe in evangelism. PS 2:8 Matt 28:19

A. God has called all of us to reach the world for Him.
B. Reaching people where they are and as they are.
C. If they have a heartbeat they can be saved.
D. Do what you do well for the Glory of God.
E. Find where God is and go there and help others get there.

4. We believe in the Trinity. Matt 28:19

A. God the Father/God the Son/ God the Holy Spirit
B. All different yet all the same.
C. All 3 are in operation today
D. God is in the current heaven Jesus is there with Him and the Holy Spirit is on earth.

5. We believe in the Holy Spirit as the Gift of God to the church. Luke 11:13

A. The baptism of the Holy Spirit is by faith just like our salvation.
B. The miraculous didn’t stop at the death of the last apostle. The Holy Spirit releases gifts mentioned in 1 Cor into our lives today.
C. Praying in the Spirit is not a gift as mentioned in 1 Cor. As speaking in tongues are, but it is a tool all born again believers should use.

6. We believe in the 5 fold ministry. Eph 4:11-12

A. Apostles
B. Prophets
C. Evangelists
D. Pastors
E. Teachers

7. We believe in Spiritual Fathers (male female) Philemon 1/ 1 Cor 4:15

A. We are to seek out our fathers and our children.

8. We believe in the blessing of the tithe (H4643 מַעֲשֵׂר מַעֲשַׂר מַעַשׂרָה ma`aser (mah-as-ayr’) A Tenth Mal 3:8-12

A. We are under a blessing when we give
B. We are under the curse if we refuse

9. We believe in praying for our nation. 1 Tim 2:1-3

A. Presidents – Leaders
B. Military
C. Disasters



Wednesday Evening
Adult, Littles, Children & Youth 7 p.m.


Sunday Morning
9 a.m.
Children’s Church & River Tykes 9 a.m.



Office Hours

Noon to 4 p.m.